*This post was originally posted on June 15, 2012 in BuyBuyBabyBlog

When Baby #2 was on the way, we decided to move our son to a new room with a new “big boy bed” and keep the nursery as-is since its much smaller and is pretty gender neutral. I looked around at a few options but decided to go for cheap and cheerful because we didn’t want to invest in furniture for this room when it is not our “forever house”. After considering our options, we bought my son the Ikea Kura, frankly an ugly bed… but we had vision.

The Ikea Kura is an admittingly ugly bed but offers so many design potentials with a little creativity.

Insired by a couple of images I found on the internet, we set out to design something that our son would find fun and want to sleep in. Check out these fabulous hacks:

Admittedly, ours didn’t turn our as grand and after a few months of wear and tear, the bed doesn’t really hold up. The wood is dented and the paint is chipped. This bed is off to the cottage!

*Editor’s note: We ended up hacking it again in our new house and the results were pretty cool. Check out the post here.