This holiday season, don’t snuggle up in front of your television staring blankly at a burning yule tide log. Use this time to find design inspiration from some of La La Lands greatest production designers. Christmas puts the “holly” back in Hollywood. From the magical world of Whoville in Jim Carrey’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to the over-the-top North Pole Buddy created in Gimbel’s department store in the movie Elf, set decorators have shown us just how festive the season can be.

One of my favourite holiday scene stealers is the red-brick colonial Georgian home, made famous in the Home Alone movies. Although the movie came out when both my husband and I were kids, visions of this iconic home danced through both our heads. A true Scene Stealer!

The 1920s home features four en suite bedrooms and sits on a wide lot. The symmetrical design of the home’s exterior is complemented by dormer windows that were perfectly accented by production designer John Muto’s white Christmas lights. IMHO, no other style of home compares when trimmed with holiday lights and decor. If this doesn’t say aspirational Christmas, I don’t know what does.

According to the Toronto Star, the 4,240-sq-ft house was listed for $2.4 million. If only I had known it was up for sale. 😉 Definitely one for the vision board.

What’s your favourite Christmas film set?