Flashback! LG’s Watch Phone 3G Circa 2009 Check out this video! I had the pleasure of working with the production team on a series of YouTube videos for LG Canada at CES. We got our hands on this beta product the night before it was shown to press so weRead More →

While we may not be Oprah, we do have our opinions – and frankly, we like to be heard. From iPad apps to dairy-free cheese, in this section we’ll share a few of our favourite things. Today’s example, the new iPad Stylus Pencil. I used it to draw this “SceneRead More →

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was no such thing as an iPhone…. in Canada, anyway. Back then, “touch” phones weren’t even available. Imagine? When the QWERTY keyboard phone finally made its foray into the mobile market, teenagers around the country rejoiced. At last,Read More →