Real estate agents will tell you to always revert a room back to its original purpose when you go to list. That means a main floor playroom should go back to an office as it has a higher resale value. This home had a nanny-suite in the basement that was being used as the kids' playroom. The owners recognized that" a one-bedroom plus den, basement nanny-suite with full eat-in kitchen and bathroom" sounds much more desirable on MLS then "giant kids mini-stick rink."

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This was simple enough to solve and for not a lot of money, they increased the equity they had in their home substantially. We brought in an inflatable bed with a built-in frame, 2 inexpensive side tables from Target with matching lamps. We covered the unsightly hole in the wall with a canvas and some quality bedding and voila! Instant makeover. 

Proof that you don't have to break the bank to stage your property. What do you think!? Would you choose to sell this house or dwell in it?