Liam's Brigade
Scene Stealers is a proud supporter of Liam's Brigade, a fundraising group determined to raise awareness for the urgent need for more pediatric cancer research - in particular, Neuroblastoma, the most common occurring cancer in infants. Since 2014, the group has raised over $90,000 dedicated exclusively to The James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research at SickKids Hospital.

Monster March
Each Halloween, Liam's Brigade hosts an annual Monster March in downtown Oakville. The Monster March is a free, family-friendly awareness walk/parade held before Halloween. Hundreds of children and adults march along Lakeshore Rd East showcasing the most adorable and creative costumes. The children often make signs to raise awareness for the cause and collect treats or giveaways along the route. Liam's Brigade also encourages local schools to convert their school Halloween events into fundraisers to support the hospital.

About Liam
The group was inspired by our founders son Liam, who was diagnosed at age three with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma. Liam wore a firefighter Halloween costume everyday of his gruelling 18-months of treatment. With the power of imagination, Liam successfully fought the fire that had been burning in his belly. Liam's Monster March was born as a celebration of Liam's 4th birthday and the power of our children's imagination.

Liam has been in remission since January 2016. Following completion of the standard of care, he joined a 2-year clinical research trial to help prevent relapse. Today, Liam is healthy and active with dreams of being a goalie in the NHL.

About Neurobalstoma
Neuroblastoma most commonly attacks young children before their fifth birthday and is usually stage IV by the time it is diagnosed. The current standard of cancer takes between 18-24 months. It includes months of chemo, surgery to remove tumours, 1-2 stem cell transplants, radiation and months of immunotherapy. Fifty per cent of all Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma cases will continue to relapse until we find more effective treatments.