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While we may not be Oprah, we do have our opinions – and frankly, we like to be heard. From iPad apps to dairy-free cheese, in this section we’ll share a few of our favourite things. Today’s example, the new iPad Stylus Pencil. I used it to draw this “SceneRead More →

Real estate agents will tell you to always revert a room back to its original purpose when you go to list. That means a main floor playroom should go back to an office as it has a higher resale value. This home had a nanny-suite in the basement that wasRead More →

The idillic town of Uxbridge is the perfect setting for this fully renovated, modern craftsman for sale out in the country. We gave this home a complete showcasing when it went up for sale to help enhance its’ appeal. I couldn’t be more excited to showcase this amazing country home.Read More →